An Underrated Game In ECWON- Dream Catcher
[ 31-12-2019 ]

An Underrated Game In ECWON- Dream Catcher


Not all popular casino games are card-based or focused on the slot reels. If you check out the best online casinos and game portals today, you will discover that a new generation of casino games are now available. And just like the classic casino games that feature basic rules but exciting features, the new generation of casino productions offer the same types of games, with a few more features. A perfect example of this is live Dream Catcher, a straightforward but exciting game developed by Evolution Gaming. You can find this game at ECWON Malaysia Online Betting!


Inspired by the classic money wheels that are found in brick and mortar casinos, the live Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming is destined to change casino entertainment. In this live casino production, players get a chance to see the spinning of creatively-designed wheel by TCSJOHNHUXLEY. The wheel used here is set-up in a modern studio with accompanying sound effects and lights to help create a truly immersive casino experience. There are multiple cameras within the studio as well, and these are tasked to capture the live casino action and bring it to the player’s room or offices. The excitement and truly immersive casino experience are made possible thanks to strategically-placed cameras that will not just capture the casino action and spinning of the wheels, but will also capture the scenes in different angles. The multi-cameras that are set-up in the studio will follow every action when the wheel is turning. The live game can be streamed to a variety of devices, including the players’ smartphones in high-definition. Each round will lasts for just 45 seconds, which means that players will not get bored while waiting for the next round or spinning of the wheel.


When you sign up for this game (at the best live casino ECWON), you will be presented with a stunning wheel, and a dealer or attendant who will facilitate the action. This game with basic rules, and even new players and casino enthusiasts can start exploring this feature. If you decide to play the live feature, you will directly interact with the dealer.

To start, you just need to predict the outcome of the turn of the wheel, that is, bet on where it will stop. For example, you can bet on the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. If the wheel will stop on the number of you have chosen, then you can win a specific payout, based on a table. The Dream Catcher wheel used today features 54 segments. Note that only 52 of them are ‘playable’ as two are multipliers. All segments are equal in size and the precision and fairness of the wheel are guaranteed.

52 segments you can bet on feature numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. They are the payout value of the segment. So, the game goes like this:

You bet on 10

Your 10 wins

You get payout of your stake multiplied by 10

Each round of the game will lasts for about 45 seconds, which means that players can easily plan out their next bets. Massive payouts and prizes can be yours, provided that you can earn some bonus spins, like the x2 or the x7 bonus spins. Just like the multipliers that can be found in classic slot productions, these bonus spins can also change the way players enjoy Dream Catcher.

In some casinos, players can join tournaments when exploring this game. These casinos that host tournaments with Dream Catcher as the base game can offer up to €10,000. To enter the tournament, interested players must opt-in first, then they can play the game during the prescribed period. A point can be earned for every spin made. And when a player ends up in the Top 50, he gets a share of the prize pool.


Since this game is powered by Evolution Gaming, you can find this exciting game in casinos and gaming portals that run using the Evolution platform. This game is relatively new, so only a few online casinos currently feature the game. The list is still short, but as soon as the game has been played by many players and more agreements have been signed by Evolution Gaming, Dream Catcher can be played in other popular casinos.

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