How to play Dragon Tiger at 918Kiss
[ 12-09-2019 ]

How to play Dragon Tiger at 918Kiss

One of the games that most 918Kiss agents have banned their players from playing is table tiger game, dragon tiger. Know why agent 918Kiss doesn’t allow the game in their casinos. This is because this tiger table game is so easy for you to win. That’s why most of them don’t allow this game if you play at their casino.
This time, I will show you how to win big in this dragon tiger game. You have to wait for the jackpot to fall, even playing dragon tiger can win big if you play. To win big, you need courage to lose too.
To play this dragon tiger, the capital suggested by the admin to win is a relatively large sum of RM1100. Why RM1100 instead of RM1000. The admin will reveal why they need the capital.
Before that, you should know this little dragon tiger game. This game is a table type with three main features that need to be figured out. The shapes are the dragon on the left, the tiger on the right while the bottom is the tie. Above is a taukeh that will split the daup terup.
The victory points were 1.2 for the dragon, 1.2 for the tiger and 1.9 for the tie. You only need to choose one of these three forms.
How to play dragon tiger for RM1100. With these values ​​in place, you must first set the RM10 value first. First play a tiger bet for RM10. If you lose the first bet, repeat the sentence. If your RM10 bet has been lost 3 times in a row, start with a maximum of RM1000. Betting must be on the tiger.
Follow these steps:
1 Bet RM10 tiger – >> Lost
2 Bet RM10 tiger – >> Lost
3 Bet RM10 tiger – >> Lost
4 Bet RM1000 tiger – >> warranty expired. You’ve won RM2000.
5 Bet RM1000 tiger – >> wins again … You’ve won RM3000
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