918kiss: The latest slot machine – Steam Tower
[ 20-09-2019 ]

918kiss: The latest slot machine – Steam Tower

After the 918kiss update version on January 25th, three new games were launched, and Steam Tower is one of the most attractive slot games!


This slot machine that brings you back to the Victorian era has 5 reels and 15 paylines. As you explore the days of the Industrial Revolution, players can also win legendary prizes through free spins and stacked versatile colors.
As long as the player has a stable Internet connection, players can play the 918kiss Steam Tower slot machine on their desktops, mobile phones and tablets!
In which online casinos can you play?
In order to help players who want to try to play 918kiss Steam Tower more directly, we will recommend a 100% trusted website to give players a try to avoid unpleasant events when players play 918kiss Free Credit Steam Tower. .
Start a steampunk adventure with NetEnt’s Steam Tower slot game. Not only will you relive the old days, you will also earn a super prize of 2,000 times the bet.
The Steam Tower video slot machine features a steampunk theme and the game was set in the 19th century Victorian era. The theme is deeply influenced by industrial design. NetEnt is the industry’s leading game developer, ensuring that themes are thoroughly implemented in all aspects of the game. If you’re looking for a slot machine with a great and rewarding theme, then the 918kiss Steam Tower is the best choice, and you have the chance to climb to the top of the steam tower!
NetEnt has been one of the best game developers in the industry for a reason. NetEnt’s design is almost always perfect. The 918kiss Steam Tower slot game features a steampunk-style character standing on the left side of the reels, and he will ensure that you get a lot of rewards from the spin. The background of the game is the tower itself, and the top of the tower is the princess waiting for the steampunk hero. The design of the shaft has a strong industrial sense, and the symbols fit perfectly into the theme. The high-value symbol consists of the golden eyes of the tower, the princess, the hero and the red dragon. The low-yield symbol is an ordinary playing card symbol, but the symbol pattern has also been modified according to the theme and placed on the industrial gear. The game soundtrack is mysterious and has a dramatic tension and a sense of adventure. As the game grows, you will feel the music excited.
The wild symbol of the slot machine is a grapple placed on a glowing green background that replaces all other symbols. The steampunk hero is a stacking versatile symbol for this slot machine. If the symbol covers one or more complete reels, you will not only get a large victory bonus, but you will also trigger a free spin function. Stacking versatile does not appear in the free spin round.
After triggering the free spin function, you will be taken to the first floor of the tower and you can climb to the 16th floor. At the beginning of the free spin, you will get 10 free spins, during which any wild symbols that land on the reels will help you climb one floor. In addition to the floor rise, you will also earn 2 extra free spins.
There is also a compound multiple in the free spin mode, and on the 1st to 3rd floors you will get a 2x composite multiple. You will enjoy 3 times compound on the 4th to 6th floors, 4 times on the 7th to 9th floors, 5 times on the 10th to 12th floors, and 6 times on the 13th to 15th floors. Once you reach the 16th floor, all the winning amounts will enjoy 7 times the compound! In addition, if you can successfully reach the 16th floor, you can still earn 1000 gold coins, the actual winning amount of 1000 gold coins will be multiplied by your bet level!
It’s a good idea to start an industrial adventure with this Steam Tower slot machine right away! Not only do you have the chance to climb the summit, you will also get a generous reward! The free spin and upgrade system makes the game more like a fun computer game than a simple click-and-spin slot game. I believe that the huge bonus of 2,000 times can attract all players to make a big push in this adventure slot machine.
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