[ 04-07-2020 ]

Heavenly Ruler Slot Review

The game Heavenly Ruler can be played at most Asian-based PT Gaming casinos, but I have yet to see it at any European casinos that have PT Gaming games (BitStarz hasn’t got it either), but perhaps it may become available much later on in time, who knows. If you’re a PT Gaming games fanatic like me, then this game should be of interest to you, so read on. Find out more at ECWON Malaysia Online Casino!
Whenever I like any game, I would always compare it to one of my few all-time favourite games – for Heaven Ruler, even though playing with 30 paylines, its nemesis is none other than Safari Heat, so let’s see how they compare (Safari Heat values in brackets). 5 Wilds would pay 333x the total bet (666x), 5 Scatters would pay 20x (33x), the other symbols would pay 16.6x – 3.3x (50x – 6.6x), so Heavenly Ruler’s paytable is not as good as Safari Heat’s, but is still good enough, simply because during the 15 free spins, the win multipliers can be between 2x – 8x (3x). This part I do like, but I have yet to hit a nice big win with that 8x multiplier, hehehe.
But wait, there’s one more interesting difference between the two – Heavenly Ruler’s Wild symbol substitutes for the Scatter symbol too during the free spins, unlike in Safari Heat, so the chances of getting 2 Scatter wins and Retriggers are much higher. The only uncertainty, as far as I am currently concerned, is how many Retriggers can Heavenly Ruler give? The most I have gotten is 2 Retriggers so far, but I’ve gotten 15 Retriggers on Safari Heat (11 Retriggers on the HTML5 version), so its full potential has yet to be seen!
Playing this game is as interesting as playing Safari Heat, and the adrenaline can really start to flow during the free spins play, when the Retriggers start coming. Unlike most other provider’s games, whereby Retriggers and Extra free spins do not always make for bigger wins to the final payout, one can always expect decent wins from the Retriggers in Heavenly Ruler! More importantly, can huge Mega Wins of 500x or more the total bet be achieved? Yes, I would certainly say so, although I have yet to get it, hehehe.
One day, when I do get a win of 500x or more, I would post up that winning screenshot here for all to see. Might even do an updated review too, hehehe.
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